DE ballast 1000W


  • Working environment : Industry electricity usage -greenhouse vegetable grows, hydroponics, ship lighting, industry lighting, diesel generator power system
    Power  : 1000W
    Dimming output power  : 1150W / 1000W / 825W / 750W / 660W / 600W
    Input voltage : Work normally when input 220-240VAC voltage
    Impact resist of the oil machine :Can withstand 320VAC max surge from power grid
    Input rated voltage  : 220/240 VAC
    Input power grid frequency : 50 / 60 HZ
    Power factor : >0.97
    Efficiency : >94%
    THD  : ≤10%
    Requirement of installment : Comply with ETL certificate
    Operating temperature : -20℃ ~ +45℃
    Bulb applied : Double ended 1000W high lamp pressure sodium bulb, metal halide bulb (180-280 VAC), rated voltage 250 VAC
    Output protection function : Open/short circuit protection, bulb faulty protection, bulb aging protection (bulb aging caused by lamp voltage abnormally high)
    Soft starter technology : The ballast has soft start function when starting, this can reduce the impact of power surge, soft powering up process
    Random start function, reduce surge impact : Random start mode settings (ballasts will not start at the same time to reduce surge impact)
    Reliability : >50,000 hours
    Over heat protection : Thermal Protection at 55℃ and recovery below 40 ℃
    Warranty : 3 years
    Package list:
    power cord *1
    manual *1


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